Pipe cutting

Our wide range of tube and pipe cutting machines includes machines that can handle small or large diameter tubes and that can be equipped with oxyfuel or plasma torches or waterjets. We supply pipe cutting machines for round, elliptic or conical pipes as well as fully automated equipment featuring integrated logistics, or simpler, mobile versions.

PC600 Chuck Type

The PC600 is a highly standardised pipe cutting machine, designed for cutting complex piping constructions up to 610 mm in diameter. Having a set of fixed specifications allows a very reduced price giving you most of the features of its bigger brother the SPC.

SPC Chuck Type

Using a three jaw chuck for rotation of the pipes during the cutting process, this pipe cutting machine ensures ultimate accuracy. The machine can be equipped with extensive features such as oxyfuel or plasma, CAD/CAM connections, infeed/outfeed systems, marking systems, industry-specific macros/contours, etc.

RBPC Roller Bed

The RBPC uses a system of roller conveyors to feed the pipes and remove cut parts. A cutting bed consisting of several sets of tandem wheels which can be moved up and down, provides the rotation movement of the pipes during the cutting process. The RBPC is particularly suitable in production halls without crane capacity - the roller conveyors transport the material to the machine.

SPC-RB Chuck Type + Roller Bed

The SPC-RB combines a chuck type system for high accuracytogether with a roller bed for high productivity. Pipes are moved into the cutting bed after which sets of wheels push up the pipe. Then the chuck moves into position and clamps the pipe for accurate rotation during cutting. The SPC-RB uses a system of roller conveyors to feed the pipes and remove cut parts.

Tailor made solutions Pipe Cutting

All of our cutting machines are developed to optimize specific parts of a production process. If the options above does not match your requirements, please have a look at the following machines. If you want to talk to one of our experts to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us. We will be happy to help you solve cutting related problems and to improve your facility's efficiency.

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