• AVR Development Board for Atmel AVr series
• ISP Socket for Flashing thru AVR Dude and AVR Prog
• On board Regulated Power Supply 5v,12v supplys
• Easy to test with Burg Connecters wires
• An RS232 Serial Port
• 7Seg Mulitplexed Display
• DC Power Supply Connector(12v Ac or Dc)
• Rdy Interfac For LCD display 2linex16Character
• 24Cxx I2C EEPROM
• RTC DS1307
• 8 LED array
• Matrix Key Pad
• 4 Intruupt Switchesr
• Eaxample Programs for LED,7seg,LCD,RS232 ,Matrix
• 1Ch Relay For testing

Package Content

• AVR Development Board ( WITH CHIPS RS232,RTC1307,I2C24004,ULN2003)
• Burg Connecters 20 Nos

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