LPC1768H is a Header Board designed for CORTEX M3 Based LPC1768 from NXP. The Board is a basic IO Pinout Board with options of onboard power and USB Device. Remaining IO pins are taken out on 2.54 mm berg connector. The board has standard JTAG Connectivity for debug/programming.


• Controller: Cortex M3 Based LPC1768 from NXP-Package: LQFP100.
• Clock Used: 12MHz for Controller, 32.768KHz for internal RTC.
• On Board CAN Transrecivers with CAN port thru Burg stick
• On Board RS232 port for UART 0 / UART 1
• Power: On Board, 5V and 3.3V.
• On Board reset and ISP switches.
• JTAG Connectivity Option.
• Test LED via IO Pin.
• On Board USB Device.
• Can be USB or external Powered.

Package Content

• LPC1768 Header Board
• USB Cable
• CD Containing schematic, sample source codes, required software and reference documents.

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