LPC1768 HPLUS T is a combo pack available with LPC1768 HPlus and 3.2nch TFT . This board has connectivity features for Micro SDCard, Ethernet, USB Host and USB Device, etc. The TFT display is SPI Compatible. A 14 pin box connector is provided for the TFT.

LPC1768 HPLUS T Features

• USB Device and Host Connectivity Options.
• Ethernet with DP83848 PHY MAC.
• SDCard (Micro) Interface.
• Analog input via ADC0.5
• I/O pinout for different interfaces.
• OnBoard Reset and ISP Switches.
• On Board Power Supply Circuit for +5V and +3.3V (USB or external Power Source input options)
• On Board 12 MHz Clock
• 32.768 KHz Clock for RTC.
• Option for a CMOS Battery.
• Onboard 20 pin JTAG connector for debugging/programming applications.
• On board TFT Connector for 3.2inch TFT.
• LED for Power Supply, USB, Ethernet and Test LED.

3.2 Inch TFT Features

• Display Mode: Normally White Transimissive Type
• Driver IC: SPFD5408
• Interface : SPI.
• Viewing Direction : 9.0" clock.
• Number of Pixels: 240 x 320

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