6 Digit Counter, Encoder, Speed & RPM Indicator

MODEL NO: GD-CT-MA-0212 1. Micro-Controller based system with seven segment display (0.56”), single row & 6 digit interface & 5 keys.
2. PNP or NPN Sensor Interface (+12V/60mA Isolated).
3. Incremental Encoder of any range of PPR (+12V/60mA Isolated) – A & B Pulse – Forward & Reverse Indication.
4. DRO for Linear Scale – 6 digit.
5. RPM, Speed Measurement and also acts as an Odometer.
6. Programmable Preset – 6 digit.
7. 0-10V output for zero to full scale (suitable for PLC systems) with 10mV resolution (Optional).
8. 2 Relay outputs (7A Amps rated).
9. RS232 link (Optional).
10. UP key, Down Key, Shift key, Enter Key & Tare/Reset Key - 5 different keys provided. (Optional external Start/Stop toggle switch)
11. 230V AC input power supply with Fuse (500mA) protection.
12. Compact 48x96x110mm panel mountable plastic enclosure for industrial application (See below pictures)
13. System can be custom built, according to customer requirement.

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