DC Motor Drive using SCR


Microcontroller based SCR phase angle control for DC motor
• less than or equal to 0.5HP, Single Phase, 230V AC, 50Hz.for
• DC Motor Shunt or Compound.Voltage – (0-200V DC, 3A).
• Voltage terminated (200V DC).Voltage with fuse, takes care of Armature & Field overload protection.
• seven segment displays & 4 keys (UP, DOWN, ENTER & AC voltage monitor)
• Speed Setting – in terms of percentage (0-99%)
• Toggle switch for Start / Stop.Acceleration & deceleration (DELAY-DEL): 0-5000 millisecs.
• AC voltage measurement and display.
• panel mountable plastic enclosure of size: 96x96x110mm with terminals (See below pictures).

There are two types in the DC Drive, which are:

• Normal Start/Stop using an external toggle switch. Useful for process control applications.
• Vibration Controller – with 2 setpoints – applied for vibrating the conveyor in industries.

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