8051-I2C ADC Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is designed for Learners with Best Price

Features of 8051 Starter Kit

• P89V51RD2xx 40 Pin DIP
• 16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD and trimmer for contrast Control.
• On Board RTC 1307
• On Board EEprom 24Cxx
• On Board ADC, DAC PCF8591 I2C Based
• RS232 Port
• On Board Regulated Power Supply

How To Start with This Kit !

• This Board is RDY to Use With All Features
• The Keil Evalution is Given in CD to Compile Your Codes

After Compiling U will get Hex File so How to Burn into Chip !

• No Need of Programmers Required To Burn Hex file -
• 89V51RD2 Chip is Built in Bootloader
• Bootloader Helps to Flash Hex file Into Chip after Reset

Its Very Simple Logic

If U Hold the Reset Switch The Chip will be in Programming Mode ,When Reset is Released The Chip will be In RUN Mode Example Codes will be given For LCD Display, RS232 Communication, RTC Clock, ADC, DAC

Package Content

• 8051 Starter Kit ( WITH CHIPS RS232,RTC1307,24c02 , LCD 16X2 , )
• RS232 cable
• Software CD( Keil IDE , Flash Tool kit , Datasheets )
• 12VAC/ DC Adapter

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