A general purpose 40 pin 8051 development board with onboard USB , 4 x general purpose LEDs, 4 , power supply circuit, , reset switch, power status LED. The board provides port extensions for all ports and also provides an empty hole for each IO pin, where wires and connectors can be soldered directly for further expansion.
Use this board to kick start development based on compatible 8051 microcontrollers. The board lets you concentrate on programming, testing and optimizing your code, and thereby your overal project, rather than spending time in getting to know the electronics required to use these microcontrollers. These boards are perfect for learning, testing and development.
The board features an onboard USB to Serial converter which can be used to program the microcontroller and do serial communication between the microcontroller and the computer over the USB port. This greatly increases the easy with which the board can connect and communicate with computers. The board is compatible with the AT89S51/52 and the P89V51RD2 microcontrollers. The P89V51RD2 allows serial programming and can be programmed directly with this board through a serial or USB connection without the need for an additional external programmer.
This board is perfect if you are just starting out with 8051 programming and also if you want a reliable tried and tested board for building advanced projects based on it.
Note: Price of the board doesn't include price of the microcontroller.


• Onboard USB to Serial converter for serial communication and programming over USB
• DC plug-in jack for power input
• Onboard bridge rectifier enables the board to accept both AC and DC input voltages
• Onboard 5V regulator(LM7805) with filtering capacitors and heatsink
• Power Status LED(Green) and 4 x general purpose user LED(Red) and Switches
• Onboard quartz crystal 11.0592 Mhz oscillator circuit
• Port extensions for all ports with detailed pin labeling for easy identification of pins
• External pull-up resistors for Port 0
• Vin, 5V and Gnd bus provided for easy and simple expansion
• The package includes a CD and product manual

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