With this board you can prototype with any of 8051 40 pin microcontrollers.


• DIL40 microcontroller socket
• Quartz crystall 11.05892 Mhz
• Reset button
• Input 5v ( For 8051 Demo Board with Power Supply In built Regulated Power Supply - Input Ac/Dc 12v)
• Extension slot on every uC pin
• Test led for P1.0


8051 DEMO BOARD/ 40P BRD schematic


* Blink LED demo code (C source and HEX)


• Onboard USB to Serial converter for serial communication and programming over USB
• DC plug-in jack for power input
• Onboard bridge rectifier enables the board to accept both AC and DC input voltages
• Onboard 5V regulator(LM7805) with filtering capacitors and heatsink
• Power Status LED(Green) and 4 x general purpose user LED(Red) and Switches
• Onboard quartz crystal 11.0592 Mhz oscillator circuit
• Port extensions for all ports with detailed pin labeling for easy identification of pins
• External pull-up resistors for Port 0
• Vin, 5V and Gnd bus provided for easy and simple expansion
• The package includes a CD and product manual

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